SuperMax is proud to offer the worlds only option to repair worn out metal rear wheel pulleys (as shown on left). SuperMax can replace the teeth on most factory and aftermarket 61, 64, 65 and 70 tooth rear wheel pulleys, increasing their life span . . . indefinitely! Some factory and all fancy aftermarket pulleys that you have paid enormous bucks for and are typically "toast" in as little as 15,000 to 20,000 miles. SuperMax can remove the old teeth from your old pulley and overlay new proprietary "space age" poly teeth on your pulley to retain your current pulley design.

SuperMax poly pulleys have been on the market since the early 70's and as many of you know, they do not wear out! We offer these new overlays in black and a rainbow of popular colors. They run very quiet, so the "Squeal" and "chirping" noises emittted by metal pulleys is gone. These poly pulleys are not affected by sand or small debris. These pulleys should outlast the motorcycle, as long as the recommended tension and alignment are maintained. Many customers ask, "How far will your pulleys go?", and our answer is ... "We still don't really know!".

Send your worn and noisy pulley to SuperMax, and we will perform the conversion for you.
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